What did you accomplish when you were in editing mode of blog posts?

So, I’m trying something new to see what I do while online and have my blog post open to editing mode and can go to different areas of my MacBook. For the last 30 minutes or so I have been answering blog post replies back and forth with some of my fellow blogging friends. Carrie and … More What did you accomplish when you were in editing mode of blog posts?

Snippet Sunday 2/9/2014

Continuing on from last weeks snippet. After some dialog between the Moore woman at the table, the mother…well you will see. Here is this weeks snippet from my WIP  Why “Moore?” As my mother slid her chair away from the table, her voice barely audible,  “Excuse me girls.” she walked out of the dining room, … More Snippet Sunday 2/9/2014

Snippet Sunday 2/2/14

The Moore woman are having their last Christmas dinner together. I’m hoping to open the story up with this scene. I like the setting and the tension it shows from the beginning between Nancy and her mother. The story line will develop to show real tension between the mother and daughter. Stay tuned for more…Why … More Snippet Sunday 2/2/14

Snippet Sunday 1/12/14

It’s been a  long time since I did a post from my WIP…”The Distorted Trail.” I wanted to add this little descriptive opening to the beginning of my work. I’d like some feed back please. A typical Iowa night; cold and snowing. Typical that is for January. The forecast was for two to three inches overnight. … More Snippet Sunday 1/12/14