Intense Look

This dog brings joy to my heart every time I come home. Tonight after golf; he was so happy to see me. So he sat on the couch like he always does and gave me that look.  The look I just adore! 

Snippet Sunday 3/6

So, Nancy some years past her college days is still suffering from a terrible attack she had. This is a snippet from a lunch scene with her mother…enjoy. Standing in front of the mirror applying another coat of red lipstick, my mind races back to that night when blood oozed from below my lip. He … More Snippet Sunday 3/6

Shit Together

I have been working on a book for, it seems forever now. I need to get my shit together…forget everything else and concentrate and get motivated. So many other things seem to be getting in my way. I have started, stopped…did well for a while; sucked at my desire to press on.   So the … More Shit Together