Snippet Sunday 3/6

So, Nancy some years past her college days is still suffering from a terrible attack she had. This is a snippet from a lunch scene with her mother…enjoy. Standing in front of the mirror applying another coat of red lipstick, my mind races back to that night when blood oozed from below my lip. He … More Snippet Sunday 3/6

Snippet Sunday 9/28/14

Opening of my WIP…”Why Moore?” Is it catchy? Do you want to read more? The house the Moores lived in was a three story, Victorian, that looked like it didn’t belong at the corner of Tandy Road and Sycamore Street. On this last Christmas the Moore ladies would all be together; the coldness inside the … More Snippet Sunday 9/28/14

Snippet Sunday, 8/31/14

A few years prior to Nancy’s mothers death; Nancy is having a conversation over the phone with her mother. It shows  a little of the strained relationship between the two. Please enjoy.     The phone was ringing again. Could it be Jake with an early morning wake-up call?  Nancy answered, “Hello?” A voice that … More Snippet Sunday, 8/31/14