Love Is In The Air!

Well, the great governor from New Jersey, Christie has formed a PAC now. So, it’s safe to say that he will be announcing in the spring his intention on running for the presidency. Some pundits would say that he’s not conservative enough for the GOP. Perhaps not…however, he has shown in the past that he … More Love Is In The Air!

Three Time Loser?

They say the third times a charm. Is it for Mitt; or will he be a three time loser? I’m really torn…not really; I’m just saying that. I for the life of me think he is out of his mind for wanting to go at this again. What possesses a person to want the job … More Three Time Loser?

2016 Here already!

The start of the  2016 presidential campaign went into high gear yesterday with Jeb Bush starting an exploratory committee of some sort. Bush vs. Clinton; why does that ring a bell? Is the Bush political dynasty going to add one more feather in their hat? I will be concentrating on looking at the campaign from … More 2016 Here already!


A fellow blogger, and I’ll call her a friend introduced me to the “look” tag it game. Hope I’m saying this right Maggie 🙂 Anyway, so I found the word “look”, and showed a little of my manuscript that was before and after. Amicia  if you want to get involved, and others that read this post can do … More “look”

The Distorted Trail (4)

Tex responded to my request.   “Not at all Mr. Patterson.” “Come on over here___” She blurted her name out “Nancy.” “Nancy, come right here.”  Wrapping my arm around her shoulder, drawing here close to me. She had to be at least five foot eight, standing six foot myself, her head at my shoulders. Smiling, always … More The Distorted Trail (4)