Birthday Wishes

My granddaughter has her birthday party this weekend; but ย unfortunately I won’t be able to make it there. My wife made some little cup cakes that she tested to see if the taste turned out the way she wanted. Guess; just guess who got to be the taste tester? Yes, me!! OMG they were good…whoops, … More Birthday Wishes


My boy Zeus has the greatest way of relaxing; going to the same spot almost all the time. I wonder sometimes…well a lot of times whether dogs have dreams? I should look that up sometime soon just to get a general idea of the subject. lol

What would you rather have?

So, last-night I had a great dinner at a high end restaurant. This salad was one of the best I have ever eaten. And tonight, I had the tuna sandwich in the bottom photo. I ask, which would you rather have had? In their own way…both did the job, tasty and satisfying!