Snippet Sunday 5/8/2016

I might have posted this before, not sure. If I did, please forgive me! lol

Once again, a moment of embarrassment and agony. Enjoy

All the way into the bathroom my mother followed me! Annoying! “What mother?” She just couldn’t leave me alone, not even in the privacy of the bathroom. Public restrooms, I guess, mean exactly that: public. But still, to follow your own daughter into the bathroom, as if she was going in to check on a five year old, is just insane. That’s typical for her though. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at all by her actions.

     She once again asked me the same question when she sees me looking in a mirror. “Still staring at that scar, Nancy? It’s not going to go away. I know you’ve suffered a lot and I wish I could have been there for you. You know how much it hurt me to see you go thru those surgeries not knowing if the doctor would be able to repair the damage without leaving that awful scar.”

Holding back my tears now, I respond, “No mother, you don’t know how much that man has ruined my life. I look like a monster!”

With words of reassurance she utters, “No Nancy, you don’t look like a monster. Why would you even say something so unforgiving about yourself?”

Maybe I don’t look like a monster, but that man turned me into one to his own detriment.


15 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday 5/8/2016

  1. What the hell! She just called the scare awful and then berate her daughter to talking badly about herself? She really need to make up her mind. And maybe not reminding Nancy of the past all the freaking time would help too!

  2. Ouch! Geez, some prestering mother. It really doesn’t help to drag up the past and keep tearing old wounds open. Unfortunately, she half sounds like my mother, I hope she finds some time away from her.

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