Snippet Sunday 3/19/2016

Introducing another character…one who Nancy will be involved with. Presidential candidate Jake Patterson. He is on the campaign bus…enjoy.

As I walked to the back of the bus where my room was located, I heard Tex reply “Goodnight sir.” It was a very nice arrangement for the back of a bus. Undressing, I start thinking about Susan. Should I call her? It was midnight in New Hampshire. No, too late tonight. I will call her in the morning. I will be up at six, so I will call her early. An eight am prayer breakfast at the First Des Moines Baptist church, then who knows where after that? Why do I not know? Tex is my campaign manager, he will keep me focused.

    I reached into my jacket pockets, and emptied them for the night. The typical shit a man loses in there; gum wrappers, credit card receipts, keys etc. What was this? I didn’t recognize this, a folded piece of paper. I open it slowly.

507 587-4556

Call me!


     Nancy? Who was that? Was she the woman at the banquet today? How did she get this in my pocket? Rethinking my actions and movements with her; it must have been during the photo that Tex took. That’s when she must have slipped it in there. What did she want? Here is another number given to me by an attractive woman. The demons are back in full force. There was Sharon, Barbra, and Melody; all like bad hurricanes that left destruction across the path of my life. I didn’t want another detraction to ruin the chances of me becoming president. Throw it away Jake. Just throw it away now!


20 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday 3/19/2016

  1. I’m intrigued with what’s going on and his thoughts about it. One technical point–you shift tense a couple of times between past and present and back again. Looking forward to reading more next week!

  2. Sneaky, sneaky. She’s pretty good if she got that in his pocket.

    I will admit I got confused on the first paragraph though. Based on what was said, I thought it was Tex we were watching based on the goodnight, not Jake. Just thought you might like to know.

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