Snippet Sunday 3/13/2016

This snippet is a little long, but it shows the strange relationship that Nancy had with both her mom and sister. Enjoy!!

Nancy’s Mother’s Funeral Scene

     I was standing next to my sister, both of us looking down at my mothers body, as it lay in the casket. My sister asked, “Did you love her Susan?” It was hard for me to respond truthfully, but I tried to answer as truthfully as I could. “I didn’t love her, I tolerated her. I wish, well no I really don’t wish you knew all the things that mother put me through. And of all times to discuss our problems, this is not the right time.”

     “Perhaps not Susan. I just have wondered over and over how you and mother could have had such a distant relationship. It seemed like it was just yesterday that we were all sitting together at Christmas dinner enjoying each other’s company; knowing now it was all just a fabrication.”

     I wasn’t about to get into a heated discussion with my sister over why my mother and me couldn’t get a long. I was tired, I was angry, I did have issues; but I wasn’t about to get into them with my sister.

     As we stood there for what seemed an hour, a distant older cousin walked up and stood next to my sister. Speaking softly, “I hope you girls will be ok. Your mother loved you girls so much. She spoke very highly of you two all the time. I know how hard it must be to lose your mother at such a young age.  God will see you thru this trial. Bye girls. If you need anything, do not hesitate to call.”

    She walked away. My sister or me did not acknowledge her at all. How could she possibly know what really went on in our house? Was she there to hear the screaming and yelling that took place? Was she knowledgeable of the abuse I took? Loved us; I don’t think so.


16 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday 3/13/2016

  1. Oh damn that is powerful! I don’t mind the longer length at all. This speaks a lot about their past in so few sentences. We all hide behind a mask and curtain, don’t we? Well done!

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