Shit Together

I have been working on a book for, it seems forever now. I need to get my shit together…forget everything else and concentrate and get motivated. So many other things seem to be getting in my way.

I have started, stopped…did well for a while; sucked at my desire to press on.


So the question for those of you who keep doing well…whats the secrets?



Needs Motivation!!


20 thoughts on “Shit Together

  1. Butt in chair.



    Seriously, I have the worst discipline in the world. The one thing that saves me is writing where I have no internet. I write on an old laptop that is in an upstairs bedroom (granddaughter’s pink bedroom), and I have the internet AND the virus protection on it turned off. I know if I turn the internet on, the laptop will implode with viruses and eat all my writing.

    I make myself go up there, and once I’m in my chair, I have nothing else to do but write. I stay at it for at least an hour – usually three. Set a corner of your man cave aside for this – and don’t turn on the television either.

    May the force be with you.


      1. Then learn to write like I do … watch television, hit mute button when commercials come on, and write … watch television, hit mute button when commercials come on, and write … repeat all night long.

        I swear I do this in the evenings. I have a small HD television on my desk beside my computer. If there’s something I want to watch, I still write. I never fast forward through commercials; I write during them. Sometimes, there are so many commercials, it’s like doing five-minute writing sprints, which are very effective. Try it!

      2. Oh, throw a monkey wrench into everything. No, it doesn’t work with Netflix. Do it when watching Better Call Saul or Suits – something on AMC or USA, because they have a ton of commercials. πŸ˜‰

      3. I stayed with Saul, and I’m liking it quite a bit now. We have Neflix and Amazon Prime. I have no idea why I don’t watch them more. Probably because I spend too much time writing!! πŸ™‚

  2. NaNoWriMo. Seriously, I get more writing done during NaNoWriMo months than the rest of the year combined.

    That and I have a “habit tracker” in my bullet journal and one of the things is to write or edit daily. (At the moment I’m editing more than writing.)

    But in the end, what it all boils down to is:


  3. Sorry, Mike. I feel your frustration. My distraction s are facebook, twitter, wewriwa. I’d get so much more done if Intermittently cancelled my internet. πŸ™‚ Good luck figuring it out!

  4. Sit down and write. Don’t talk about writing. Don’t worry about writing. Just do it. Even if it’s crap writing. You can always fix crap writing and clean it up, but you can’t fix an empty page. And once you’ve written “The End”, go back through and revise, then send it to a critique partner, and revise again. Daily word count goals are very helpful. If you do 1K a day, you’ll have 30K written in a month.

  5. Give up all television series. They’ll suck you into avoiding writing not only when you’re watching, but next week at the same time, same station. Watch movies, preferably without sequels. It’s hard, but after a while I haven’t missed it one bit.

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