Snippet Sunday 1/24/2016

This is some more of my WIP. Nancy and Tamara are good friends…meeting up on the first day of school. Well, see what happens. PS…grammar might be off 🙂

Finally Nancy reached the top and made a right. She walked down the quite empty hall till she reached the bathroom where she was to meet Tamara. It seemed very empty this morning for the first day. Was she early she thought as she looked at her watch? No, it was eight, thirty minutes till class started.

Tamara’s voice cried out,  frightening Nancy a little. “Nancy, get in here now!” Nancy looked as Tamara popped her head around the bathroom corner.

Nancy replied back in a confused state, “What is wrong? Why so loud? Are you ok Tamara?” Nancy was thinking Tamara was acting kind of weird this morning. She rushed into the bathroom, which was empty except for them two.

In an excited voice, Tamara said “Look what I have Nancy!” She pulled out of her pocketbook a tube of lipstick.

Surprised at the excitement, Nancy replied, “Are you kidding me Tamara? I can’t believe all of this secrecy for a tube of lipstick? I should have known only you would get excited over that.”

“This is for you Nancy. I picked it out last night. I thought you might like to try a different color lipstick today. Your light pink is just getting old.”

“You know I don’t like trying new things Tamara, especially lipstick.”

“Oh come on Nancy, just for me.”


11 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday 1/24/2016

  1. I get such a kick out of you. All that excitement over a lipstick. Now, pick one out for me. The Birch Box people keep sending me bright pink lipstick in my samples, and I need something a bit less “loud.”

    Keep writing, Mike!!

      1. Well, not in my world, but it’s the first day of school, and I’ve had friends who were easily excited and loud over little things, so I think it works just fine in your story.

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