Snippet Sunday 5/17/15

Continuing with my WIP…after the crazy actions in the bathroom (see last snippet post); both young ladies go to their first class of the day. Enjoy!

A substitute showed up for the first day of class. It wasn’t a minute after they sat down Nancy’s phone vibrated with a text message from Tamara, “OMG he is hot!”

Sitting across from Tamara, Nancy looked over at her friend and just smiled. Nancy looked at the substitute teacher, staring him up and down. He was a tall younger man, maybe in his early thirties she thought, handsome, dark hair and very clean cut.  Then another text, “Do you notice the bulge in his pants?” Nancy started to turn red with embarrassment and put her head down staring at her  phone.

Mr. Johnson was calling roll and called out Nancy Moore three times before she blurted out, “Here sir.” Nancy thought, this was not going to be a good day, .


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