Snippet Sunday 4/26/15

Another week,  and I found some old material to work with. Nancy, a main character is with her best friend at  the college they are attending. The first day of their senior year…and well; it starts out with a little craziness.

“This is for you Nancy. I picked it out last night. I thought you might like to try a different color lipstick today. Your light pink is just getting old.”

“You know I don’t like trying new things Tamara, especially lipstick.”

“Oh come on Nancy, just for me.”

Reluctantly Nancy stood in front of the mirror and started to apply the blood red lipstick slowly on her full lips. She started to get a blank stare in her eyes and then she seemed to lose focus of the task at hand. The motion of her hand left the lips and started to apply the lipstick to her chin, then a sideways  motion toward her cheek. When it was all over in ten seconds, Instead of an evenly applied coat of lipstick to her lips, Nancy had lipstick all over her face.

Tamara was applying lipstick to her own face at the time and wasn’t noticing what her friend was doing. Then she noticed. Tamara screamed out  “What the fuck is wrong with you Nancy? Are you ok?”


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