Three Time Loser?

They say the third times a charm. Is it for Mitt; or will he be a three time loser? I’m really torn…not really; I’m just saying that. I for the life of me think he is out of his mind for wanting to go at this again.

What possesses a person to want the job of president that bad to essentially put his or her life on hold for almost two years? And, with much uncertainty to get the parties nomination, and win the general election.

As I was having lunch with my good friend today, my Political Science Professor from the university I graduated from; we will call him “Paul”, because that’s his name…I posed the question to him. He was quick to respond; “Ego.”; and I thought that’s what it had to be. Nothing else made sense.

Is it official? No. Are there any official announcements yet? No. Please Mitt…I beg you, don’t do this to yourself or your family. Give others the chance.


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