Snippet Sunday. 1/11/15

A snippet from “Why Moore?”. Jake Patterson, politician…working the crowd at a campaign event.

Piercing blue eyes are the focal point of his face. They are gripping, having a mesmerizing affect on people who meet him. He tries to be normal, normal as he can be. But he is charming to the point of being obnoxiously nice, no doubt helping him get many things in life that he has. He starts to work his charm. 

Down off the platform into the friendly crowd he goes. There doesn’t seem to be any ill-willed anti-Patterson folks here to disrupt what has been a very good day for the candidate.  
From about ten feet away, an older man yells out, “You have my vote!” Jake makes his way towards him, extending his hand. They shake hands for what seems a minute.

Stay tune next week when you’ll hear the Bus Driver holla “All aboard!!”


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