2016, Huckabee Quits Fox

Mike Huckabee has quit his show, leaving Fox News to explore a possible run for the 2016 presidency. News, not really. Problems…well of course. I wish we all could remember what he did in the 2008 campaign, prolonging it when he had no chance; taking away votes in primaries from Romney, essentially giving the nomination to McCain…and we know how that turned out.

So now we have two GOP contenders that look like they are going to enter the race…Bush and Huckster.

There’s a Real Clear Politics poll out, before the Huckster announcement that has Bush at 17% and the big man from Jersey, Christie with 11.2% and the Huckster coming in fifth with only 8%.

I think after the next poll comes out, the Hucksters numbers will climb to about 10%. The earlier it looks as though these potential contenders make up their mind, the quicker potential voters tend to latch on with name recognition.

So, till next week or two…I will be watching this fascinating race develop and post another personal thought on the developments of the 2016 race.


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