Snippet Sunday 11/9/14

I have been in a slump…a writing slump. Actually, that’s not true…I have been lazy and doing other things. But, I’m still pressing on.

This is some dialog between Tex, a campaign manager and his candidate, Jake. Jake and Nancy, the main character, will in some weird way get mixed up with each other.

Tex with a concerned voice, “I have seen the envelope from the doctor Jake.”  With a puzzled and surprised look Jake responded, “What letter Tex?”  The conversation between these two powerful men continue…“The letter you left on the table. What is it about? Do you have health issues that you don’t want to discuss with me? When I took this job, I told you I needed like I would give you, complete loyalty and honesty. Here is some honesty Jake, we are even in Iowa, fucking even. We were 15 points ahead, what happened? I’ll tell you. You lost it if we do lose, which all tracking polls  seem to show. So, now it’s time for you to be honest Jake. We need to get on the right track…and the only way that is going happen is if you tell me what’s going on!”

Stay tune next week to hear the ref hollar “Charging!”

Peace out!


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