Snippet Sunday 9/28/14

Opening of my WIP…”Why Moore?” Is it catchy? Do you want to read more?

The house the Moores lived in was a three story, Victorian, that looked like it didn’t belong at the corner of Tandy Road and Sycamore Street. On this last Christmas the Moore ladies would all be together; the coldness inside the house was just as bone chilling as it was on the outside. The tension between the women has never been worse. It has been in an upward climb ever since the man of the house was brutally killed five years before. Despite losing her father and the hatred towards her mother, Nancy was determined to make the best of it.

Stay tune next week when you’ll hear the karate mom holla “Kick his ass!”

Peace Out!


9 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday 9/28/14

  1. That’s the opening line?
    “The tension between the woman has never been worse” — shouldn’t that be “women?”
    I’d rather read about something happening or read dialog that shows the tension that to be told
    about it by the narrator.

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