Snippet Sunday, 8/31/14

A few years prior to Nancy’s mothers death; Nancy is having a conversation over the phone with her mother. It shows  a little of the strained relationship between the two. Please enjoy.



The phone was ringing again. Could it be Jake with an early morning wake-up call?  Nancy answered, “Hello?”

A voice that was too damn recognizable. “Nancy, this is your mother. I called you four times yesterday and didn’t hear back from you. I got worried. Are you OK?” 

Nancy couldn’t believe it, thinking to herself…damn, my mother!
She answered back with firmness and sarcasm all wrapped up in one. “Yes mom, I’m fine. I HAVE  been just a little busy. You know, with my job and all.” Martha was always in Nancy’s business.

With an irritated voice Martha continued, “That’s no excuse Nancy. You know how I get when I don’t hear from you after a few days. I was hoping you would be up so we could go have breakfast.”

Nancy was waiting for a more important call at the moment. Trying to be polite, “No mom, not today. I’m sorry. I should be able to clear things from my schedule by the end of the week. I’ll get with you by Thursday.”


Stay tune next week when you’ll hear the cheer leader holler…”Go Steelers!”


8 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday, 8/31/14

  1. Her mother sounds very controlling. Not good at guilt trips (they’re more subtle) but very controlling. Nice snippet. (The tense seemed to bounce a little, but I’m tired and it might not if I was more mentally functional.)

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