Not A Good Time At CrackerBarrel

Well, I guess it’s time to throw a fit. Justifiably so, of course. One of my pleasures in life is going to a nice restaurant and enjoying a sit down dinner. The places I go vary…but one of the frequent places is Cracker Barrel restaurant; which I’m sure many of you are familiar with.

Yesterday afternoon was one of those times I was soooooooo looking forward to a fish and chips dinner at CB. On Friday, that is their special.

So, here’s how it went:

First, when I got seated the waitress asked me what I wanted. I told her I would like the fish and chips dinner…the cod. She said would there be anything else? I said I would like the cornbread and biscuits. More cornbread then biscuits. The start of a very bad time. 10 minutes later she came by and asked If I needed anything. I politely told her that I would appreciate it if I could get my cornbread. She said she thought I wanted it when the meal came. Where she got that, I have no clue. They always bring it right away.

Another 5 minutes later, I get my cornbread. I scarfed the first one down…remember, I was hungry to start with…now I’m starving.

Ten minutes or so later, the manger comes to the table and informs me that they had made catfish instead of the cod by accident. WTF…another 10-15 he said. He was real apologetic, but of course I was starting to see red at this time, and my hunger pains were increasing. I scarfed another piece of cornbread down.

The food finally comes. It had to be 45 minutes from the time I sat down till I got the meal I actually ordered. Well, the fish was dry, over cooked etc etc…but I was freaking hungry. Ate a couple bites of my coleslaw…stuck fork in it the third time and felt my fork hit something that seemed out of the ordinary.

It was a package of butter in my coleslaw!! I called the manager over right away. The waitress and he apologized over and over. I had lost my appetite by this time and was beyond pissed. They sent me on my way with a piece of apple pie. I don’t think I will be going back there anytime soon.


9 thoughts on “Not A Good Time At CrackerBarrel

  1. Sorry, Mike, for your problems at CB. My parents and friend had a similar experience at McDoanld’s a couple of years ago. My friend, a cab driver, took them to McDonald’s and they ordered two egg biscuits, a coffee, and my friend ordered a strawberry shake. They waited and waited, and my friend went in to see what was wrong. They told him to wait–it wasn’t ready. Meanwhile, my parents are in the cab and the meter’s running. So they waited some more and my friend went in again. They told him they didn’t have the ingredients to make his order. They finally got the order and got free fries. (My friend tells this story much better, but you get the idea)

  2. Good service is a rarity any more. We had free food in the past because the service was poor or if we got the wrong meal. The last time our meal was late – so late we almost left because we had to be somewhere (Cracker Barrel too I might add) we got an apology and a free desert. Lately I have noticed service is getting better around our area – could be they are learning their lesson. I hope so with the cost of everything I expect to get good food and good service.

    1. The service when they first opened was terrible. Then it started to get better; now swinging the other way. 😦 I agree. It cost to much money now to eat out to get such terrible service.

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