Snippet Sunday, 8/24/14

Continuing with the funeral scene; there always seems to be a family member who has words of encouragement to say. Enjoy a little more from the funeral scene in my WIP “Why Moore?”

As the two sisters stood by the casket for what seemed like an hour, an older, distant cousin walked up and stood next Mary. Speaking softly, “I hope you girls will be ok. Your mother loved you girls so much. She spoke very highly of you two all the time. I know how hard it must be to lose your mother at such a young age, but God will see you thru this trial. Goodbye girls. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to call.”

Stay tune next week when you’ll hear the crazed football fan holler “Go Steelers!

Peace out!


3 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday, 8/24/14

  1. Do they know how to reach this older, distant cousin? Or was it just a lip-service, “right-thing-to-say” sort of thing?

    And this sounds familiar — did you post it before?

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