Snippet Sunday 3/23/14

From a long long WIP, Why “Moore?” Nancy, her mother Martha, and sister Mary all still at the dinner table. Nancy was thinking back years to earlier bad times…

For years the verbal abuse against Nancy seemed to just blend like everyday occurrences. It was almost as repetitive as breathing. One insult after another

Returning her thoughts back to dinner, Nancy reluctantly said to her mother, “Mom, I thought you did a wonderful job on the potatoes. Would you mind if I had a second helping? ” When the four of them ate together, Nancy’s father would always make sure to tell Martha before hand to have plenty to eat at the table so that if anyone would want a second helping, there would always be plenty.Unfortunately for Martha, all that extra food that was available seemed to have found its way to her body. At the age of forty-five, she weighed well over 200 pounds and seems to continue to be getting heavier all the time.

Then an ear-piercing scream wrung out from Martha. Mary had cut herself by squeezing the wine glass so hard it broke in her hand. Blood was running out of the deep cut onto the table and causing the white tablecloth to turn into a blood soaked rag.

 Other then an occasional nose bleed, this was the first time Nancy was exposed to the sight of blood; but, it wouldn’t be her last.

Stay tuned next time when you’ll hear the crusty old choir director say, “Hey big man, sing me a song.”

Peace out!


9 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday 3/23/14

  1. Ouch, that hurt! I actually know a friend who did that, he was so tense he crushed the glass in his hand. Nice hint at the double play of the sight of blood, now I want to know more….

  2. Ouch! Excellent feeling of heaviness and foreboding throughout the snippet so the blood almost felt inevitable.

    Hope you don’t mind, but I’d think that Nancy would hear the glass breaking before she heard her mother scream? Or maybe she’d hear it at the same time? Or, was Nancy so zoned out in her memories that it took the scream to bring her back?

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