The “Creation.” Sonnet

The other morning I was out in my back yard with my dog zeus. I noticed how beautiful the sunrise was, which inspired me to write this. I hope you all enjoy.



All He said was “Let there be light.” There was.


Words were spoken; miracles occurred. 


He can make the jaws of the lion pause.


His stars were placed in the sky with a word.


How wonderful is the sunset to watch,


or listening to the waves rolling in?


In all His creation, not a one botch.


Have you wondered where His Spirit has been?


Through the heavens His presence is everywhere.


Throughout the earth His work can sure be seen.


Who can tame the wildness of the black bear?


Who overlooks the growth of a green bean?


He knows the count of every hair on me.


The heavens and earth, creation to see.



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