Character Profiles…how detailed are yours?

So fellow writers, how detailed do you get with the information you share about your characters? Is it on an as needed basis? A book I have been using told suggested building them with this format…let me have your thoughts. This one is of Nancy Moore, the main character of my WIP…a long WIP shit!!!

Name: Nancy W. Moore


Age: Starts as senior in high school.


Occupation: Newspaper reporter, freelance photographer.


Family Members: Sister and mother at time of writing…father deceased…shot on duty as cop.


Personality Traits: Very outgoing, social butterfly, Very talkative…OCD


Character History: She is from Davenport, Iowa. Nancy works for “Daily Beacon” a newspaper in which she is a journalist and photographer. Gets picked up by AP to write political stories for them.


Highest Level of Education: BA in Journalism from the University of Iowa and a Minor in Psychology.   


Physical Traits: Five foot six inches…140ish. She has mid shoulder length hair.


Biggest Motivator: Raped in college. Must obtain justice in her own way. Revenge.


Things She Likes: Oriental Foods, guns because of her father; and traveling.


Things She Dislikes: Liars, deception, politicians in general.


Lives: At the start, she lives in Davenport, Iowa. Same city she was born in.


Music: She likes Classical Jazz


Likes About Herself: She likes her work ethics, her attention to details, power junkie.


Dislikes: Can’t have a normal relationship with her mom or men. She doesn’t like herself.


Favorite Childhood Memory: Shooting range with father.


Most Traumatic Event, Events in Life: Constant mental abuse by mother, raped in college, death of father.


Prized Possession: SW357 that father bought her on her 14th birthday to show her how to shoot.


Transportation:  97 Sapphire Blue, Honda Civic.


Favorite Food: Anything Chinese.


Most Interesting Thing about Character: Expert with small arms…self-taught after father showed her basics.


Characters Voice Sounds Like: Nothing unusual about the voice…talks kind of fast though.


Five Words Other People Use to Describe Character: Neat, smart, compassionate, social, self-reliant.

Peace Out!






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