What did you accomplish when you were in editing mode of blog posts?

So, I’m trying something new to see what I do while online and have my blog post open to editing mode and can go to different areas of my MacBook.

For the last 30 minutes or so I have been answering blog post replies back and forth with some of my fellow blogging friends. Carrie and I have been discussing back and forth my post about my new pup Zeus.

I wrote a reply on another great blogging friends blog post. Maddie is on fire with all the things that she has been doing lately!

So, now I pose a question. I notice that many bloggers that I follow have many people that they follow. How and when do they find time to read through all the posts that must show up on their reader? Do you guys and gals pick certain days that you read the ones you might find interesting? Or do you have certain ones you always try to hit?

Only ten minutes into this experiment and I think that I might be wasting valuable time that could be used for writing on my own WIP. So, I will take off into the world of Nancy Moore and see what I come up with next.

Ahhh but wait, I need to check on what google says about writing in the first or third person. Then I will get to my WIP. 🙂

Finding out that there is so much info on that subject…I just need to get to writing. Be back soon!

300 new words, and some editing of some old stuff…ok, not to bad. Zeus now wants to go out. I will take an hour to deal with him.

I had to tell this…my little Chihuahua Bell doesn’t like Zeus. Who’s going to win? 🙂 Back to the dogs for a bit.

Now my cable went out…have to see what the cause of that was. I hate to miss “The Following.” 🙂 OMG..the tech rep on the phone said he doesn’t have an estimated time of fix on the cable issue. What am I going tho do if I can’t watch the following tonight? Write some more? Damn it, I’m pissed!


So I spent the last hour playing with Zeus…cable is back on; all things seem to be a go for my night of TV enjoyment. Now to prepare dinner and sign out for the night.


So, this was my last 4-5 hours in my life. Pretty damn exciting huh? lol


Peace out!


7 thoughts on “What did you accomplish when you were in editing mode of blog posts?

  1. You may not have been going for humor, Mike, but I found this to a pretty funny post, and I feel your pain!

    It’s hard to get around to all of the blogs I follow. I usually pick a day and try to get to as many as I can. Because Jackie and I had tandem posts today, I’ve been on social media all day long, and I’m still reading blogs. But on the days I write, I try to limit my time to less than an hour and then focus on writing.

    Hope you had fun with the dogs and that you all hunkered down for your television show. 🙂

  2. I usually read blog posts in batches with a coffee or at tea time when the monster is making so much noise that my brain would explode if I tried concentrating to write, or tried to read a book which might also require concentration 😀

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