Snippet Sunday 2/16/14

Later in the story, Nancy the main character of Why “Moore?” has gone to the bathroom to answer a very important phone call. However, it’s not who she thought it would be. After hanging up…

Nancy stood  in front of the mirror applying another coat of red lipstick;  her mind quickly races back to that night when blood oozed from below her lip. He cut her  deep leaving a terrible scar; the scars just don’t go away, mentally or physically. The cut she  sustained left a two-inch scar right under her  lip. Three plastic surgeries couldn’t cover it up completely. The surgeon said it was the best that could be done under the circumstances. The best has haunted her continuously.

The voice of her mother again, “Nancy?”

All the way into the bathroom her mother followed. With disgust in her voice, Nancy responded  “What mother?”  Her mother couldn’t leave her  alone, not even in the privacy of the bathroom. Public restrooms, I guess, mean exactly that: public. But still, to follow your own daughter into the bathroom, as if she was going in to check on a five year old, is just insane. That’s typical for her though. Nancy shouldn’t be surprised at all by her mothers  actions.

I think traumatic experiences stay with you forever. Certain things trigger memories of them. Just as the red lipstick did for Nancy.

Stay tune next week when you’ll hear the crusty clown say, “Hey bro, let me hold a dolla!

Peace out!


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