Snippet Sunday 2/9/2014

Continuing on from last weeks snippet. After some dialog between the Moore woman at the table, the mother…well you will see. Here is this weeks snippet from my WIP  Why “Moore?”

As my mother slid her chair away from the table, her voice barely audible,  “Excuse me girls.” she walked out of the dining room, down the long hallway leading towards the kitchen. I could hear her shoes making a loud sound as they struck the hardwood floor. As her 200-pound frame slowly made its way to the kitchen, the noise echoed through the downstairs.

In an almost uncontrollable scream, my sister yelled out,  “You did it again Nancy!”  Yes I did it again. I pissed off mother to the point where she left the dinner table at Christmas. So what. She will be back in ten minutes. It was like clockwork with her. She will come right back to the table and sit down with a bottle of wine she brings from the kitchen.

Stay tune next week when you’ll her the olympic ski jumper say, “Hey man, let me hold the gold!”

Peace out!


9 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday 2/9/2014

  1. Sometimes, family cycles are stationary bikes, pedalling to nowhere . . .

    This scene is terribly familiar—not the specifics, but the feel of it. Very well done!

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