Morning snack on 2/1/14

I was wondering about the snacks…I’m not use to them. I am used to eating 3 portions, 2 portions, 1 good portion of everything that is available to me at my meals. The latest craze seems to be the Greek Yogurts. Can you fellow bloggers who indulge in these yogurts give me feedback on your favorite flavors.

So, I will have one for mid morning snack. Actually I think I will have it after my morning water aerobics class.

This is starting to get exciting. Building a diet; the key will be sticking to it!!

Peace out.


3 thoughts on “Morning snack on 2/1/14

  1. We buy Greek yogurt to use in smoothies, so we buy the 0% Fat, Plain.

    Can you do this smoothie:
    8 strawberries (frozen is fine)
    1/2 cup Greek Yogurt (no fat, plain)
    1/3 cup Lite Coconut Milk (I buy in cans and put extra in jar in fridge until next smoothie)
    Add cold water if it’s too thick – or to texture you like.
    Calorie count is 32 for the berries, 60 for the yogurt, and 50 for coconut milk = 142

    Is that high for a snack? Rich will many times take this to work in a bottle (after blended, of course), and shake it and drink it for his lunch.

    But getting back to the yogurt. For some reason, the thick texture kind of gags me, so I don’t eat the flavored Greek yogurts. Can’t help you there. 😉

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