My first week menu on new diet. 2/1/14 Breakfast

Fellow blogger  Marcella  suggested the Mediterranean Diet as a healthy way to eat good and possibly lose weight. So, thats what I’m going to do. I will be starting the diet on the 1st of February.

So, since it’s just me and my wife…first things first. I need to be able to find good meals that can be cooked just for two so there isn’t much food wasted. I will be building this menu all week long.

So, Saturday  2/1 will be a Frittata for two for breakfast. I will more than likely have a piece of fruit also with it. I am looking at an orange possibly.  It seems like an easy enough meal to make and should be a tasty start to my new diet.

Again, I will be adding on as I find some more great meals for my first week menu. Since I will be off that day, I will be going to the Y and doing an hour of water aerobics.

Any comments would be appreciated.


5 thoughts on “My first week menu on new diet. 2/1/14 Breakfast

  1. I like the looks of the Mediterranean Diet. I’ve never done it, but I’ve read the food is satisfying, and you will lose weight while not feeling deprived. Planning menus is a huge advantage in any new way of eating. You know what’s coming, and you’re looking forward to it – rather than suddenly feeling hungry and scrounging for bad snacks. I start drinking water again tomorrow.

  2. Thank you for the mention Mike. Here is a link to help you get started with Mediterranean recipes and more interesting information about this “diet”.

    My dad used to make frittata often. He put potatoes and green bell peppers in it. His frittatas were big beauties, at least an inch thick! Most recipes for frittata are not as thick. He used a big cast iron pan. However you make it, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

      1. It depends. A lot of these foods fill you up. That is the beauty of the Mediterranean diet. But, if you’re heavy handed with the olive oil, the nuts, the olives and the grains, then yes, you could gain weight. Just balance it all out. A little of this, a little of that. Then make sure you get your exercise!

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