It makes “Senses.”

I have been struggling for more then a year now trying to produce a good story to publish. There has been many obstacles that have got in the way; mainly my own fault.

I guess I really hit it on the head with my self-diagnosed symptoms of ADD. I can’t concentrate or focus on one thing it seems like for more then a few minutes.

Anyway, my problems aren’t the focus of this post. The focus is an idea I got from a fellow blogger. Earful of Cider posted on a blog today a snippet of a work that included the “Sense” of smell in the scene. Wow! Now where did that come from?

I was just reading a book last night about scene development in writing. Now, we all know we have five “senses.” However, how many do we use in writing a scene? One or two; three at tops?

Why not challenge yourself and add another “sense” to it. Try…

Last night at dinner, the apple pie smelled just like the…. or,

When I touched her sweaty hand… or,

The train’s whistle was so loud it….You guys get my point. Don’t limit yourself to the routine “senses”, use them all thru out your work.

Peace Out!


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