The Nitty Gritty

We are down to the final eight teams. This is the exciting time, the crunch time…no holds barred!  My picks will be based on no facts, no statistics, no spending hours in front of ESPN; just from years of enjoying the game and humbly putting my two cents in the mix of selecting winners in the play-offs.

The Colts of Indianapolis against the NewEngland Patriots.  The Patriots from NewEngland will win easily. This could possibly be Brady’s last chance to get to the Super Bowl and he is hungry . My pick, Patriots.

Seahawks From the great state of Washington, against the Saints of New Orleans. Two words will determine this game; crowd noise. I think the Saints will succumb to the crazy loud noise that the fans in Seattle will blast down on the field. My pick is the Seahawks.

The Chargers of San Diego  against the Denver Broncos. The deciding factor for me on this one is Manning. Manning is such a smarter quarterback. His ability to call audibles and tear apart defenses is unlike no other. Broncos will win this game.

Finally to the game that probably will be the closest;  the 49s of San Francisco against the Carolina Panthers. The determining factor for me on this one is the 49s streaky quarterback Kaepernick. He is on a roll right now. Even though the Panthers have one of the best defenses in the NFL, the 49s offense to me has just a slight edge right now.

So with my picks in, you football fans out there need to select you winners.


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