Snippet Sunday #2 9/15/13

Jake meets Nancy for the first time. The two main characters of my WIP, “The Distorted Trail.”  To get his attention, a photo with Jake will do.

A voice called out from my left. “Mr. Patterson!” Another photo wanted? I presume waiting for my approval, an extremely attractive blond held up a camera and shouted out, “Can I get a picture with you Mr. Patterson?”

Answering her, “Please, call me Jake. Tex, would you mind taking a photo of me and this lovely young lady?” The pretty lady smiled with approval at my flattering comment. She was probably in her forties, but she could easily pass for thirty. She wore a sky blue dress that barley covered her knees, leaving so much to the imagination.

Stay tune next week when you’ll hear Joe the janitor holla, “Hey boss, let me hold a dolla!”


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