Snippet Sunday #1 9/8/13

Ok boys and girls, a new way to introduce my WIP. I seen the tag Snippet Sunday on twitter, and it looks like it’s a spinoff of six sunday. It just seems like it allows you to add more then six sentences.

Anyway, we will start at the beginning of my WIP called “The Distorted Trail.” I have been working on this to long now! I need to get busy and finish it up. Anyway, we start with Jake Patterson at a campaign rally. He is running for president and well….here it goes.

“Patterson for the People!” Yes, it sounds very cliché, but it’s catchy and keeps my name on peoples’ minds.  The very partisan crowd claps and a few earsplitting whistles sound out in the background.  An older woman in the crowd starts chanting loudly, “Patterson for the people!” Do I need to think of something more imaginative, more stylish? No, I like it. Do I really care about the people? Jake Patterson, millionaire five times over. Really, do I care about the people? Or are they the stepping-stone to what I really want to be: the most powerful man in the world?


Tune in next week when you’ll hear the crusty old nurse say, “Hey big daddy, let me hold a dolla!”


4 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday #1 9/8/13

  1. So far he comes across as smug and egotistical and cold and elitist. I like it! And can’t wait to see what develops with him. Great snippet and welcome to the Sunday Snippet blog tour.

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