Just a question.

I can say I am starting to pay more attention to my surroundings. The more you get to really think about what goes on around you, the funnier life really is. For instance this morning, I drove up to the big menu at the McDonalds drive thru like I have many times before. I  still had sleepiness flowing from my body…when I heard the nice lady at the drive thru ask me, ” Would like one hash round for $.99 or two for $1.00? ”  I was still half asleep when I was asked this question, and for some reason it did startle me. I had to think for a second and really decide on which choice I was going to make.

No more than 20 seconds went by and I answered quite forcefully, “I’ll get back with you on that.” Get back to her? WTF was there to get back to her about. Of course I was going to get two of them. So, hurriedly I told the kind lady that I was going to go with the two for a dollar. Why must life be so difficult at 10 am in the morning?


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