The “Sick Man” Sonnet

Over the holidays, I got so sick it wasn’t even funny. Here is a sonnet about a little on how I felt.

The “Sick Man”



What was three weeks seemed like a lifetime?

In the clinic; out of the damn clinic.

Cough, cough, and fever. Two shots! Ouch, not mine.

I hurt bad, not very energetic.

Fever, cough, pain; it just did not slow down.

Pumping vitamin C, oh yes and zinc

The depression; to the point of breakdown.

Many times, my thoughts were in some doublethink.

It had to stop. It just had to stop soon!

Who can live like this? How do they do it?

When I could sleep, I wanted it till noon.

Years years that I was that sick, I admit.

Please Lord, don’t be bored. Please Lord not again.

I survived, It was not what I should gain.


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