The “Fat Man” Sonnet

Since I am a little bit bigger than what I should be for my height, I would like to share a sonnet about how I possibly got this way. To start off, enjoy some music before you read. 🙂

The “Fat Man” Sonnet

At eighteen I was a buck eighteen wet.

At fifty-two, the scale screams “Get off!”

A long time in the making, please don’t fret.

Haagen-Dazs please stay away, tax write-off?

To be honest, only once a week now;

Instead of three or sometimes four or five.

Slamming them down, blowing up like a cow.

I have to slow down for sure to survive.

Never wanting to become a fat man.

I have blamed it on genes, no size fits me.

I could always blame it on the beer can.

A tan takes long, cause I’m a retiree.

I never envisioned this outcome.

But here it is, an ass like a bass drum!


2 thoughts on “The “Fat Man” Sonnet

  1. You are rockin’ the sonnets, Mike! I always liked Jethro Tull.

    I dragged my elliptical to over here behind where I sit at my desk, so I can hop on an off throughout the day. Thank goodness the leftover mashed potatoes are gone now, and there is no junk in the house.

    Get back on the racquetball court! It will fall off in no time. 😉

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