Music Sonnet

Well well, I know it’s been a while since I posted anything. That is one of the beauties  of having your own blog…come and go as you please. 🙂 I sent first chapter of my WIP off to my “editor” and she did a once over read and she thought it was a good start. She said she would start tearing it apart after the holidays. Oh Joy! lol

Anyway; I did write a sonnet the other night that I’d like to share. For you older folks, you can surely relate. It’s about music that I love.

And to get you in the mood, listen to this first.

The Test of Time

There is Mick Jagger, there is Robert Plant.

Who can forget the Beatles, “Love Me Do.”

Driving down the highway, sing or a chant.

The sounds of memories past, out I grew.

They pass the test of time, not many will.

Morrison, Joplin, and oh yes Hendrix.

The Who, Deep Purple, both bands give a chill.

Not many pass the test, not in the mix.

Zappa, his weirdness will survive. I hope.

I’ve listened thru so many states of mind.

Ups and downs, with beer and plenty of dope.

I also am passing time, in rewind.

Keep them for me please, Don’t take them away.

They pass the test of time, day by day.


11 thoughts on “Music Sonnet

  1. MORRISONNN!!! YESSS!! “With bear and plenty of dope” – haha – were you being honest or is that fictional? And I love the phrase: “passing time in rewind.”

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