Six Sentence Sunday 12/9/12

A continuation of Jake  drinking his favorite drink.

I didn’t want the drink to be watered down after the ice started to melt away. The glass was large enough where four cubes would chill the liquor, but at the same time not change the taste very much, if at all.

I finished the first glass with ease, and fix myself a second. I’m not even sure of the time at this point, and not really caring. I know Tex has everything prepared for tomorrow so there is no need for me to get overly concern about any preparation on my part, other than to show up and look presidential. Yes, presidential, that’s how I’ll look tomorrow and the rest of the campaign; but for now, it’s Crown and me.

Excerpt taken from a WIP,  “The Distorted Trail”

Stay tune next week, when you’ll hear the mean-spirited mermaid  holla, “Hey big man, let me hold a dolla!”


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