Six Sentence Sunday 12/2/12

This is a day late do to sickness 😦 However, at least I feel good enough to post today!

After Jake gets the lie fixed with Tex, he relaxes for the night.

Now, I need some alone time. Since Nancy’s mother apparently died tonight, the crazy text she sent me just might be able to be left till tomorrow. With all the excitement over the last few hours, dinner was the last thing I was interested in right now. My interest was in sitting in a comfortable love seat, courtesy of the hotel, and sipping on a nice Crown on the rocks.

     I had almost a full bottle, and I was going to have my way with it. I got me a nice glass from the bar and loaded it with four cubes of ice.

Excerpt taken from a WIP,  “The Distorted Trail”

Stay tune next week, when you’ll hear the vaporous vampire holla, “Hey big man, let me hold a dolla!”


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