Writing In Pain

I was wondering if it would be a good idea to write when I had a terrible toothache. I been nursing this thing for like 3 days now and it is driving me crazy!! I had so many things I wanted to accomplish today and didn’t get but one thing done so far. I helped my granddaughter set up a blog. She is so talented when it comes to writing. I see a bright future for her.

I told her while we were setting it up not to get upset if I used expletives. She was very understanding. I didn’t use but one I think, and that was the word shit. I wanted to use others, but I refrained. I feel the need to use some now, let me just stop and take a deep breath. Sigh! There, now I can go on for a little more before I want to drop the f bomb! 

I’m wondering if the tone of writing changes when you write in pain? I’m sure it must because the only thoughts I have right now is of the feeling of someone taking a sledgehammer to the side of my jaw. How is it possible to write something humorous, exciting, or interesting when you feel this way? 


Oh no, the f bomb wants to fly again! I’m reeling it back in. Wow that was close! I need to stop for a while and get my thoughts under control so I can write a little more later. I want need to do some more writing for my book and this toothache is setting me back! Fuck, shit  Darn it, I’m out of here! 



5 thoughts on “Writing In Pain

  1. The tone of my writing definitely changes when I’m in pain – or even just my mood in general. Because I put so much of myself into Susan, if I’m cranky when I’m writing, she’s cranky. Same with happy, etc. I have to be careful. I’ve changed the entire course of chapters and storyline because of writing my *mood.*

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