My granddaughters first post. She is so talented!


Stuck in a Jam

My Family is a Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich,

Always stuck together no matter what situation we come across.

My sister is the jelly, she is the messiest part of the sandwich always falling out of place and causing things to get a bit sticky, but she’s also the sweetest, yummiest, and most memorable flavor.

My mom is the crust, she gives the sandwich its support and structure, never giving in to the weight of the outside world always there to help.

My dad is the bread, he covers the insides of the sandwich giving us shelter from the outside elements no matter how tough he acts he is truly the softest and most vulnerable part of the sandwich, sometimes getting shifted and altered.

I am the peanut butter, even though I may not stand out as much as jelly I am always a subtle sweet…

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