I wanted to post this the day it happened, which was early Monday morning, but I got caught up in other chores of the day. Anyway, at 4 am I went to McDonalds to get me and my wife a bacon and egg biscuit because we I was very hungry. After ordering the biscuits, I thought I had misunderstood Miss Drivethru lady when she told me the price. It seemed to be $2 cheaper than what I was normally charged.

Thinking about the price as I sped  drove cautiously up to the drive thru window, I knew she must of made a mistake. But to my surprise, she quoted me the same price. I wasn’t going to argue with her, however I did need to know why it was cheaper that morning. Asking her about it, she explained that when I ordered the bacon and egg biscuit with no cheese other drive thru attendants would charge me for all of it and just take off the cheese. She charged me for a bacon biscuit and added an egg to it.

With these tough economic times ahead, $2 saved on breakfast is a big deal now. So kudos to that nice lady who saved me money on my breakfast that morning and instructed me on how to order correctly in the future.


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