Golf and Writing…A Common Denominator

Does playing sports and writing have a common dominator? I think today, while playing golf, I staggered across one. Conceivably known by others, however just stumbled upon by me because I’m slow, I think that common dominator is visualization.

As a professional very amateur golfer, I always first try to visualize the shot that I have. I want to see it in my mind and then take the tools of the trade and apply them to make that shot happen. I have found if you use the tools you have correctly, the shot that you visualize usually happens. The problem is not using the proper tools. You can visualize all day a particular shot, however if you select the wrong club, don’t play the wind right, or your swing was off; the shot is not going to end up as you seen it.

Now, how can you apply this to writing? Well, after deep thought I’ve seen that this application can be used when writing. What are you trying to do when you write; other then communicate an idea. Can you visualize in detail what you wrote? Can you replay it in your mind and it flows like a video that is crystal clear? Or, as in my case today I saw choppiness, and bumps in the road. I was all over the place with my writing.

The editing process is critical in making that visualization of that story look clear. Ask yourself do the words fit? Are they the right words for your target audience? Does your sentence structure make sense? A well-written sentence and paragraph should play out like a clip from a story you are telling. Take your time when editing and use the proper tools of writing and make that story like a video that can be seen.

So not only do I use the visualization process when golfing; I have now found it very useful when editing my writing. Does this make sense to all you great authors out there, or am I way off on this analogy? Please comment.

PS, and yes this was not edited so it might be choppy…get over it! lol


3 thoughts on “Golf and Writing…A Common Denominator

  1. Yes, it makes sense, and I think this is great that you made this analogy. When I write, I always see it playing out in my head like a movie. You’re right, the trick is getting all the words so that it reads like we are seeing it in our “movie.” I’m going to try to make an effort to incorporate more description of lighting and smells in my next book. Hey, you should sneak a Scentsy product into your story. 🙂

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