Top 5 Tony Romo Quotes

Well, well, well; yes Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys (America’s Team) had another terrible game. I thought of what he might have said during and after the game and came up with a small list.

  1. “I really thought there was a receiver there.”
  2. “Oh my God, are we playing the Bears again?”
  3. “Damn I hate running around in this pocket!”
  4. “Coach, who’s my back up? Can he please get some playing time?”
  5. “Yes operator, I’ll except a collect call from Jerry Jones.”



2 thoughts on “Top 5 Tony Romo Quotes

  1. I just read these today. I’m sorry it took so long. I’ve been rebuilding the work shop. We have to put a sump pump in and I had to move one of my work benches and build it in another area. Jerry

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