Six Sentence Sunday 10/28/12

This week we move over to the character Nancy, who is at the hospital after finding out that her mother died. She got the call right after sending Jake that horrible message. Her and her sister are in the hospital morgue looking over their dead mothers body. Nancy asks…

“Was she sick Grace? Was she going to die soon anyway? I don’t remember mother saying anything to me about being sick, not in a deathly way.” “I’m not sure Nancy, I’m just not sure.” I could see a tear sliding down the cheek of Graces now pale face. It seemed like all of the color left her normally rosy colored face, eerily pale in color now, just like my mothers. 

Hope you enjoyed this little blurb from a WIP, The Distorted Trail. Tune in next week, when you’ll hear the crusty old man say, “Hey big man, let me hold a dolla.”



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