I put the P in Procrastinate!

I always wanted to blame procrastination on being a mans problem, including myself. I’ve come to realize it’s a Mike <<<<<<<< me, problem. I never thought a whole lot about it till this morning. That occurrence will come up shortly.

Procrastination I would have thought could in some ways be beneficial, however with much reflection about it, and this mornings horrible experience changed my life forever. Not so much because of the event itself, but because I know deep down that I have a problem and need to face it head on!

I want to just describe with a few examples what procrastination can lead to. The list is many; I’m just going to throw a few out there so possibly those who read this could relate.

First: How about when you wait till the last minute, again procrastinate, to put gas in your car. Guess what? Off the side of the road waiting and hoping someone stops to help. Why would you want someone to stop and help you ask? Do you really want to call your spouse loving wife or friend and tell them how you ran out of gas because your lazy ass just didn’t take the time when you had it to put gas in the car?  I don’t like making that call, but I have.

Second: Who out there does what I do; hope the mail service is somewhat reliable and on time and waits till the very last minute, again procrastinating, to throw that bill in the mail? Oh come on, raise your hand. I know I’m not the only one who does that. The problem is not so much the late fee; it’s the explanation of the late fee to your spouse loving wife. Oh I hate that feeling because you can’t explain away your lazy ass not writing a check on time!

Third: How about the over use of the snooze button? Oh that is a good one! It causes more problems than I can mention; late for work, late for golf, late for you favorite TV show; and the list goes on and on. When the alarm goes off; get your lazy ass up Mike<<<<<<me!

There are so many reasons why procrastination on my part has to get under control by me. The tipping point was the problem this morning.

Forth: Don’t ever, ever, ever, wait till the last minute to do laundry! This causes what I have come to name “NUD.” It’s the no underwear dilemma. I should rename that, sorry, “NCUD.” It’s actually the no CLEAN underwear dilemma.

I frantically ran around the house looking in cupboards, pantries, the dryer, even the dog bowl; nope, no clean underwear. Did I dare ask my wife? No because she doesn’t do my laundry; which is upon agreement by both of us. So I continue my quest to find one single piece of clean underwear. I looked in the gym bag, nope. To the dirty laundry bin hoping a clean pair snuck in, nope. Panic was now really starting to set in because I needed to make a store run which required a shower; consequently I needed the clean underwear.

Well, well, well; finding at the foot of my bed peaking out from some clean socks was one lonely CLEAN underwear. It was almost like it was waving up at me, laughing at me, but ready at the same time to be used!

So, what’s the moral of this story Mike<<<<<<me, stop being so freaking lazy and get that procrastination under control!!!!


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