The Little Drummer Boy

No no my fellow bloggers, this has nothing to do with Christmas, or doesn’t even have a Christmas theme. Sorry if you were looking for that. 😦 But what it does have is a great assortment of top notch drumming videos of who I consider to have been or are the worlds top drummers.

This is I think post number four of mine about music, or musicians. What makes me an expert on music you may ask? Well, I never claimed to be an expert. However what I do have is an ear for what I consider good music…far from an expert! But, I do know my stuff 🙂

I was first introduced to drumming by my Uncle Jerry who played in a little band in York, Pa; a three piece, sometimes four. They would travel around the local area and do weekend gigs. My uncle was the drummer in the band, so he would get me in to see them play when I wanted. he was, and still is a great drummer.

I grew up playing the trombone in band and have always felt the need to be around music as often as I could. Two years ago, my wife bought me a bass guitar for xmas and said go at it. Well I did for a little. lol I did enjoy playing, and even took lessons. But unfortunately I couldn’t play as well as I wanted too. Presumably you still have to do something called practice. 😦

Anyway, she sure looks pretty!

My Bass!

I did get to play with my uncle though when I was up in PA a couple of years ago, which was one of the highlights of my short lived professional musician career; in which I didn’t make a freaking dime at! 🙂

Me and Jerry “Jamming!”

What a great time that was. Notice I looked like I knew what I was doing? Actually no clue! lol

To the drummers now, BTW, thanks Jerry for turning me on to drummers. You are the best!

Number one on my list…rocker Neil Peart of the Rush. Enjoy! 

Number two, another rocker! Ginger Baker  Enjoy!

And my top pick, pardon the pun, drum roll please…………………….the greatest drummer who ever lived…………the one……….and only…………..can you stand the excitement……….please give a big warm welcome………….for Mr…………….Buddy……..Rich! Yes folks, he’s here!! Buddy Rich Now how do you pick a video for him? Well, here’s one of my favs.

In my humble opinion, not even close.


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