The “ass” that pissed me of this week!

So, is it alright to vent here? You better believe it! I see it all the time. Writing, writing, and more writing; that’s what it’s all about. So here’s my vent post for this week.

Ass of the week…Mr. Convenience Store Clerk

The convenience store is for the customers Mr. Clerk. I don’t want to wait for you to finish your freaking glazed donut for you to ring me up. Yes, I’m in a hurry. That is probably why I came into your store!!!


7 thoughts on “The “ass” that pissed me of this week!

      1. I’m thinking this is a great way to vent! I won’t use names, so I can protect the “innocent”. But I like using pseudonyms like “Mr. Clerk Man”. lol

      2. Love the pseudonym, btw. It’s like it applies to any clerk in the country. And that’s usually the case. I’ve been a clerk, and believe me, it’s tempting to want to dump on the customers..

      3. I been there too. It’s a tough job! I was told though, the customer was always right lol For Mr. Clerk man to sit there and finish his donut just pissed me off to no end. lol

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