Hard Rock Bands

Ok, ok. Now that I had a couple posts about music, it’s time for a third one. I was wondering here in my blog cave which category to go with this time. Well, it’s going to be hard rock bands.

So we will go back in  a few years to see what I was listening to, in the hard rock genre.

The first band is Deep Purple. An English band with a hard pounding beat. The song Lazy live is a great song and shows the band in their raw form. It’s not the best quality video, however it does the trick. 🙂

How about Foghat? Yes, that is my second pick. Another British band. I sure did like the Brits back then! lol

Honey Hush was a song I loved listening to when I was driving down the highway. I don’t even remember if I had my license at that time shhhhhhh 🙂 I just love the pounding beat……..ok, on to the next one.

Time to roll the   and we get Black Sabbath  What is it with these English bands? lol

So the song I chose was from their Paranoid album. Enjoy.

Now what do we finish with? Such a hard choice, not! lol Classic

Weigh in all you music aficionados. Tell me what your fav hard rock band is.


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