The Bass

Last week I did a post about music, the front man; or what is commonly known as the lead singer. I enjoyed doing that post because of my love for music. This ones going to get a little more into the musicality of music.

The bass guitar has always fascinated me from the time I was young watching bands in clubs, including my uncles. Many bass great bass players come out of the genre of jazz, however there are a number of great ones out of rock too.

Like my list of lead vocalists, I’m going to select four, the four that I find the most talented and worthy of my 4 top bass player list 🙂

First there is Victor Wooten. He is great!! He is best known on the jazz seen, however he is the bass player for a group called Bela…

Here is a video of Victor playing solo using some kick ass electronics to make his bass do some amazing shit! Brings chills every time I watch it 🙂 So, that was Victor.

Marcus Miller is next on my list. Another bass player who is just freaking amazing!! He puts the S in slapping the bass. 🙂 Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.

Now one from the genre of rock/Jazz. Everybody who enjoys the combo of rock and jazz  I’m sure has heard of the band Weather Report. Well that band had as one of its basest for a few years one of the best bass virtuosos I’ve heard; that being Jaco Pastorius 

He does things to the bass that is probably illegal in some countries. 🙂 Take a listen.

Then there is Stanley Clarke. I started to listen to a lot of bass after hearing his School Days album. Here he is on upright bass.

Now a special treat. Hearing three of these four play together. 🙂

Wow…who’s the best. Tough decision for me.



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