Lead vocalist, or “Front Man”, who’s the best?

I consider myself a music aficionado; meaning I really dig the hell out of good music. My taste range from classic rock to classical. I can listen to R&B, hard and soft rock, smooth and acid jazz, and even to an extent some hip hop. What you wont find on my MacBook, Iphone, Ipad, or I anything is country. It’s all ABC for me, that’s “Anything But Country.” Sorry to you country genre fans out there; just can’t seem to get into it…Lord knows I have tried.

So, I was looking at some videos and was impressed by some lead singers in bands. I really enjoy watching a good lead man perform. Now what makes a good lead man? To me, a decent voice is needed; not necessarily a great voice.  He must charge the crowd up; he must really jell with the rest of the band; but most of all he must be VERY entertaining.

Who’s the best? I picked my top four who I thought fit the criteria I laid out for being a great frontman. This list might not reflect who someone else might consider should be on the list. If thats the case, make a comment please.

To start, there is Mick Jagger lead singer of the Rolling Stones. Now, if you haven’t heard of the Stones, you have been living under a rock for the last 40 plus years. Sorry if I offended you 🙂

Next is Robert Plant of the great rock band Led Zeppelin. Again, if you never heard of Zeppelin, where have you been?

Then there is Jim Morrison of The Doors. probably the strangest out of the frontmen I have chosen; but he gets the job done!

Then there is the “Godfather” of Soul James Brown. What can I say about Mr.James Brown that hasn’t been said? One word for me describes how I felt after watching this video…DAMN!

Now it’s time to vote on who your favorite on this list. If your favorite “Frontman” isn’t on this list, please make a comment and tell me who he is. Thanks in advance.



10 thoughts on “Lead vocalist, or “Front Man”, who’s the best?

  1. It was difficult for me to choose just one. I really like all of them. I’m like you. I like everything even some country. I was weened on classical including opera. My favorite is blues. But I love it all.

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